Not in the Industry?

Even if you don't work in the game industry yourself, there are still lots of other ways you can support organizing efforts:

  1. Help unionize your own industry, or get involved in your own union! The more workers that are organized, the more potential there is for cross-industry solidarity and mutual aid. And the more unionization gains momentum across industries, the more it becomes a logical path for unorganized sectors.
  1. Talk to players about why unions are important and how they can address problems that affect both workers and consumers. Remind them that the conditions and pressures that result in compromised games (or abusive mechanics like loot boxes) aren't the choice of the workers — we hate that stuff too and we want to make the best games possible! — but the result of bosses' decisions.

  1. Signal boost workers in the industry who speak out about working conditions. If you're a streamer, a writer, or someone who makes videos, talk about these issues in the work you produce. (There's lots of different avenues to explore, too — we'd love to see a broader historical perspective on how labour issues have been part of games since the beginning.)
  1. Join Game Workers Unite and get involved in on-the-ground organizing efforts! We actively encourage players, academics, and anyone who wants to improve conditions in the industry to engage in the community and help us succeed.