How to Print this Zine at Home

Want to print copies of this Game Workers Unite zine to share with your friends and coworkers? Here's the steps we would suggest following to get the best print:

  1. Choose the cover(s) you like the best! (The downloads are at the bottom of this page.)

  2. Print using letter paper (8.5 by 11 inches). The zine is 56 pages, and for one zine you'll need 14 sheets of paper (since we print two pages on each side of the sheet).

  3. The zine is full-color, but we've designed it to print just fine in grayscale (black-and-white), if you prefer!

  4. Print with Adobe Reader and make sure you choose the right settings when you're getting ready to print:

    a. "Booklet" mode should be selected, the booklet subset should be "both sides," the binding should be "left" and the orientation should be "portrait" (as seen in the screenshot below).

    booklet mode screenshot

    b. You should also open up Advanced settings to select the "Print as Image" option (this will yield a cleaner result, we've found).

    print as image screenshot

  5. When your 16 sheets are printed, you should see the outside covers on one side of the stack, and the map centerfold on the other side. Staple twice on the outside, so the legs are visible along the center vertical of the map, as shown:

    stapled zine

  6. This zine is pretty thick so you might have trouble folding it flat. We recommend using your phone or another blunt flat object to crease the pages as you fold them.

  7. And now you've printed and folded your zine... The last step is to share it with all your friends!

    printed zines