What's a Game Worker?

You may notice us using terms like "employee" and "worker" in this zine when we're not speaking about a specific trade (like "programmer" or "artist"). Why not just "game dev"? Isn't that simpler?

When we talk about game workers, we're referring to anyone involved with the production of a game. Programmers, artists, designers, musicians? Yep. Voice and mocap actors, audio engineers? Definitely. Community managers? Of course. But we're also talking about workers whom players may not instantly associate with production. What about factory workers who manufacture the consoles that games are played on? And workers mining the coltan used in those consoles? How about the people working to prepare food at the cafeteria on the company campus? Even if it may be less obvious, these workers are all essential to the production of games. They're game workers too.

If you're in the industry but currently unemployed, you're also a game worker. The same goes for students and interns. In an industry where so much labour is erased or goes unrecognized, it's important that we stick together and resist bosses' efforts to divide and conquer.